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image  FHL-Cheat-Detector (FIFA 12) 

In order to make sure that you and your opponent use the same database, launch FIFA (it's important to launch it after starting the FHL-Cheat-Detector).
Minimize FIFA and chose your opponent in the Drop-Down-Box at the top. Then click "start detection" and connect to your opponent. When you reached the Team-selection menu, you both need to press F12. Now you will receive a sound signal to confirm whether you use the same database.
If you don't here a signal hold F12 pressed longer!

You have to create a profile named "myfhl" when you start FIFA the first time.
This profile should not include Virtual Pro.
You should also make a copy of your FIFA folder in "My documents" once in a while, just to make sure everything's fine.
The moment you close the FHL-Cheat-Detector, your other profiles will be restored.

If you want to start the tool in German, you have to start it with your username as parameter (FHL-Cheat-Detector.exe username).

- You have to open the tool by right click --> "start as admin", if you had Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

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