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image  FHL-Backup-Tool (FIFA 16) 

The FHL-Backup-Tool is a program which lets you backup your whole FIFA installation-directory or only a certain folder inside of it.
What it does is basically compressing the files you want to backup and save them as .zip-package.
By pushing the 'Import'-button you can easily restore those backuped-files.
As you start the program,you can see the file-structure of FIFA,which you can expand even further.
Now you can uncheck the directories you don't want to include into your backup.
If you exclude a directory,but include its subdirectory,the subdirectory with all its content will be saved,but the content of the excluded directory won't.
By excluding a folder,all sub-folders will be excluded too.In this way you can re-include single folders into the backup.
If your going to backup only a single folder anyway,you better klick onto the first tick which deselects every directory,then you can select whatever you like.

- You have to open the tool by right click --> "start as admin", if you had Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Author: Bernd
Publish-Date: 05.10.2010
Size: 305 KB
Language: English
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