Today Bernd has continued his work on the FHL-DB-Editor. For some of you,it might won't be as interesting anymore as it used to be due to the release of Rinaldos DB-Master,but we'll keep you updated nonetheless.There will be some different features though.But first of all Bernd is going to talk with Rinaldo whether his tool has been released or not.Bernd is basically done with most of the work, it's now possible to make changes to the database and show the names of the players,which wasn't possible 2 weeks ago.You can now also export the database to MySQL and partly to Access.

Here are 2 screenshots. The screen showing Messi in Leverkusen is taken out of the demo version,like everybody knows you couldnt transfer players in the demo ;)

image image

Bernd continued his work on the FHL-DB-Editor and added some functions.
A function to export single tables or the whole database to SQL is finished.
Here you have a screenshot from the actual progress:


Next step is to export the fifa database as an access database.

Bernd and Vitali started the FIFA 11 Editing by reading the new database structure.

They are working on a tool to open the database. Opening and reading is finished:
Here you have a screenshot from the tool. Take a look at the tables not at the design because they haven't worked on it yet.


Bernd is working on a editor to extract files from the big archives and edit them in a usuall structure. Then the files don't have to be imported into the big files again.

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